Using Film to Further Justice


We are reposting a blog post written by Jean Trounstine, an activist, author, and professor at Middlesex College who recently attended the final Community Justice Film Series screening of Against All Odds.

by Jean Trounstine, originally published on her blog on March 11, 2018

Last month I had the opportunity to witness a powerful experience in group organizing. I saw, first-hand, how film is a tool that can engage the mind, move the heart, and lead to action. But as much as that, and believe me, that was already unexpected and exciting, I saw how trusting one’s community and soliciting voices of all members is an unbeatable way to engage people in their welfare. As community strategist Lillie A. Estes says, conversations need to happen to “get people to step into their community power….The community must resume its rightful place in the establishment and or re-establishment of how our communities grow.”

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Trey Hartt