In-Person Visits For Confined Individuals Are Essential For #CommunityJustice

Photo credit: Skyward Kick Productions/Shutterstock

Photo credit: Skyward Kick Productions/Shutterstock

Our partner Jean Trounstine,  #CommunityJustice and judicial reform advocate, has a new piece up at Alternet about the essential nature of visitation for people confined in our prisons and jails. She writes:

In-person visits have a positive impact on prison safety and are crucial to those behind bars. Furthermore, research says that visitation is one of the most important keys for prisoner re-entry and that it significantly reduces recidivism, i.e., the return rate to prison. Why, then, are we seeing more repressive restrictions, and, importantly, shutting the door to real visits as institutions try to replace them with video visitation?

You can read her full piece online at, and learn more about Jean's work at her website.

Trey Hartt