When #CommunityJustice is ignored, we call that #EconomicViolence.

Underlying every issue related to #CommunityJustice is the issue of #EconomicJustice. It shows up as our children lacking healthy food choices, as disproportionally excessive evictions, as reckless endangerment due to excessive walking to reach bus stops, as generational dis-investment from our communities as corporate interests continue to benefit from public taxpayer dollars, and it shows up as disproportionally as wage theft.

The #Economic_Justice campaign was developed in direct response to a now-defunct PR campaign called “Respect Richmond”, whose goal was to stop gang violence. The campaign was spearheaded by Project Safe Neighborhoods Richmond in collaboration with the Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, Richmond Police Department, Richmond Public Schools, and more organizations, to “make our city a safer place for everyone.”

The #Economic_Justice campaign positions that goal differently. Our city will be a safer place when institutions of power address the #EconomicViolence that continues to impact #CommunityJustice. So if the powers that be want us to report gang violence, we’ll do so under the framework of #CommunityJustice.

To activate this campaign, call the Crime Stoppers tip line, 804.808.1000, and report a crime of economic violence.

The images below can be shared without permission. All we ask is that you include #Economic_Justice and #CommunityJustice when possible.